Our Network

Imagine’s network is fully carrier grade utilising its own infrastructure interconnected with numerous Tier-1 network providers. The backbone of the network is fibre based providing scalable bandwidth throughout its national footprint.

Nationally it is also interconnected with Ireland carrier Neutral exchange INEX and a number of Tier-1 IP providers giving resilient connections direct to the internet.

It also operates two fully interconnected switching centres that have IP and TDM based voice switching and incorporate full national TDM interconnects with the incumbent operators.

Internationally it is directly and diversely connected to its main international POP’s in London and Amsterdam (where it has, through partners, full national reach for IP and TDM pickup and delivery). From these hubs it is further directly interconnected with other major internet hubs.

The network is optimised for voice with end to end prioritisation of voice calls throughout the network. The network incorporates full 24 x 7 monitoring from its Irish, UK and Netherlands based Network Operations Centres. Imagine also specialise in TDM to IP conversion and provide origination services in numerous countries and a full A-Z termination service.